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Dorset Local Access Forum Members

FINAL News/Press release 2021


Help IMPROVE public paths and open space in Dorset for walking, horse riding and cycling
Enjoying Dorset’s countryside and urban areas on foot, horse, bike and responsible vehicles is a
pleasure for many local people and visitors but how can it be improved?
Coast path being lost to erosion; the need for safe vehicle free routes for walking, cycling and
horse-riding; maintenance/improvement work sensitive to the paths character & landscape;
enabling people to walk and ride and not use vehicles for local trips; how to provide better space
for children to play and exercise; routes for vehicular users; better access for disabled people to
enjoy the countryside; maximising access opportunities for tourism and economy; complementing
farming practices. The Dorset Local Access Forum considers such matters – and more – and
works to find solutions to get the best from Dorset’s Public Rights of Way and public green space.
Be part of the team that helps develop and improve Dorset’s public paths and green space to
benefit matters such as recreation, health, equality and diversity, disabled access, planning,
transport, economy, conservation, land management and tourism.
The forum is an independent, statutory body providing advice to various organisations, including
councils, AONBs, English Heritage, the Forestry Commission, Defra and Natural England, as well
as any members of the public who request it.
Anyone can apply to join the DLAF – all you need is commitment, enthusiasm, and experience of
using; helping provide or of the wider issues that could be benefited by improved countryside
access. That could be:
 someone who enjoys walking, horse-riding, cycling, responsible vehicular driving or other
outdoor activities, or who uses the county’s rights of way to travel sustainably around their local
 an owner, occupier and/or manager of land – especially with open access or Public Rights of
 Someone involved with matters such as health, environment, planning, tourism, the economy
where improved paths and green space could bring additional public benefits.
The DLAF brings together a diverse mix of people of all ages and expertise to provide fresh,
creative and challenging ideas and advice on how to improve and develop paths and countryside
access sites in Dorset. Its members shape the Forum and its work. The forum aims to make
Dorset more accessible and enjoyable for everyone, both now and in the future.
To apply to join the DLAF find the application form here https://dorset-
And here
For more information on the role and work of the DLAF, please contact:
Tara Hansford, Strategic Outdoor Access Development Coordinator Tel: 01305 221779
DLAF website:
Deadline: 7 th November 2021